David Lee Art & Design

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A full service art & design studio specializing in murals,

high end airbrushing and hand lettered signage.

Offering freehand pinstriping, truck and

boat lettering, vinyl signage and fine art.

Custom furniture refinishing & restoration also available.

With over 30 years experience, I can give you the perfect mural, sign or piece of art that you have been looking for.

about the artist

Born in California back in '66. I grew up with a love of art, old cars and motorcycles. So through the natural progression of things, I started lettering and pinstriping cars and trucks. 

My dad was a signpainter and he taught me the trade. That eventually grew into me doing wild murals and paintjobs on bikes and hot rods, which I stuck with for about 20 years,

occasionally doing a sign or some lettering peppered in

here and there to "keep up my chops." 

Fast forward to 2013. 

I was diagnosed with a hereditary heart condition

that almost ended me. After emergency double bypass surgery, I decided to go back to the more

relaxed life of a signpainter. 

I still do airbrush work and the occasional motorcycle

paint job, but my efforts are focused primarily on

murals and signs.


Sarasota, FL.


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